texts and powerpoint presented during the conference

You will find on this page some texts and powerpoint presentation of the conference.

Opening remarks by Serge Gouteyron, Past RI Vice President and RI Representative to UNESCO

pdficonsmTexte de l’intervention de Serge Gouteyron

Opening remarks of Eric Falt, Assistant Director General for External Relations and Public Information

pdficonsm Texte de l’intervention d’Eric FALT

Panel 1: A culture of peace – A shared vision Rotary/UNESCO

Modérateur Giuseppe Viale, RI Director 2014-16

  • UNESCO’s culture of peace
    Ann Belinda Preis, UNESCO Senior Specialist Program Intercultural Dialogue


  • Rotary’s culture of peace
    Ed Futa,  Dean of the Rotary Representative Network and past Rotary General Secretary

pdficonsm Texte de l’intervention d’Ed FUTA

  • Rotary and International organizations
    Cyril Noirtin, Rotary Representative to UNESCO and NGO/UNESCO Liaison committee Treasurer – Treasurer of Inter-Country Committees Executive Council

pdficonsm Texte de l’intervention de Cyril NOIRTIN

  • Rotary Inter-Country Committees
    Gwenaël de Bergevin, Chair of the Inter-Country Committees Executive Council

Panel 2: Building Peace through intercultural dialogue

Modérateur Örsçelik Balkan,  Past RI Director 2006-08 and TRF trustee 2015-19

  • In the Balkans
    Ovidiu Cos, Vice-Chair ICC Executive Council


  • Peace in the Mediterranean region
    Mohamed Ghamman,  ICC Coordinator for Tunisia

pdficonsm Texte de l’intervention Mohamed Ghamman


  • Social Cohesion in Côte d’Ivoire
    Mariatou Koné, Director of National Program for Social Cohesion in Côte-d’Ivoire

Panel 3: Promoting Peace through Rotary and Inter-Country Committees

Modérateur Jacques Di Costanzo, Past RI Director 2012-2014

  • From clean water to children education in the canton of Morétan in Togo
    Hilaire Locoh Donou – Pierre Morelli, Chairs ICCs between France and Togo

pdficonsm Texte de l’intervention de Pierre MORELLI
pdficonsmTexte de l’intervention de Hilaire Locoh Donou

  • The youth of Europe wants to promote peace
    Eve Roehrig, Sciences Po Paris  – Free University of Berlin / European Affairs

pdficonsm Texte de l’intervention d’Eve Roehrig

  • Women rights in Africa which are in a condition of conflicts
    Monique Mujawamariya, Chair Mafubo International

  • Promoting Peace through Rotary and ICCs in District 2490-Israël
    Gédéon Peiper, Past RI Director 2012-2014

Panel 4: Peace through Service

Modérateur Eduardo San Martin, RI Director RI 2015-17

  • Education for all
    Jordan Naidoo, UNESCO Director Education for all – Global Agenda Coordination Team

  • Rotaract’s contribution to peace building
    Ali Hojeij, Rotaract France National Coordinator

  • Ethics and Peace
    Jean Baptiste Welsch, Skema Lille – Winner of the Rotary Ethics competition

  • From the Rotary Peace center to UNESCO: Testimony
    Andrezza Zeitune, UNESCO Programs for Latin America and Caribbean

pdficonsm Texte de l’intervention d’Andrezza ZEITUNE

Message from the President of Rotary International
Gary HUANG, Rotary International President 2014/15

pdficonsm Texte de l’intervention de Gary HUANG